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Email: info@hawaiianjoy.com
2270 Kalakaua Ave
Waikiki Business Plaza #1101
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Yumi Matsumoto
(PB, R)
Sidney Fukayama
Service Pledge
Hawaiian Joy agents are knowledgeable with current laws, rules and regulations governing the real estate industry and the economy. It is essential to understand the game board to manage risk involved in every transaction. Agents are also aware of neighborhood issues, building issues, and future development that may affect the sale of your house.
As a small operating business, being honest and taking responsibility is a key element for our success. Agents will be ethical and professional in every manner, maintaining a high fiduciary relationship for your peace of mind.
Proactive Communication
Agents will maintain an efficient communication schedule to keep you up-to-date on the status of your property’s sale. Issues that may affect your sale will be brought up and followed through the entire transaction.
Meeting Deadlines
Every real estate transaction involves numerous deadlines. Agents will assist you in every-step of the way until closing. Coordinating documents and reports, following up on paper work will be handled by your agent. It is our job to ensure all paper work and reports are in place.
Skillful Negotiators
Agents will negotiate offers and counter offers on your behalf to obtain the best price and terms. Agents will carefully monitor all conditions and contingencies, and that they are satisfied for a smooth sale.
Market Awareness
Agents are always aware of the ever changing market condition that may affect the sale of your house. We will inform you of any market shifts for you to make the right decision at the right time.